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Scallop Pesto

Scallop pesto is a combination of scallops and the classic Italian pesto sauce, which is used in the preparation of dishes like pastas and pizzas. The classic basil pesto used in scallop and pesto based dishes is a blend of chopped basil leaves, crushed garlic, salt, pine nuts, black pepper, parmesan cheese, and olive oil. Other ingredients like sun dried tomatoes, parsley, and lemon juice can also be included in the basil pesto sauce to enhance the savor and flavor of the sauce. As far as the use of scallops is concerned, any kind of scallop viz. bay scallop or sea scallop can be used in scallop and pesto based dishes.

Popular Scallop and Pesto Dishes

A couple of dishes which suggest the use of scallops and pesto as the key ingredients have been discussed hereunder:

  • Scallops with pesto and pasta- the recipe for this dish suggests sautéing green onions, red bell pepper, and mushrooms in butter or oil before stirring in basil pesto sauce, chicken broth, and already sautéed scallops. The scallops are sautéed in butter after coating them with a mix of salt, pepper, and flour. This scallop pesto mix is popularly served with pasta of any type like capellini pasta, fettuccini pasta, linguini etc.

  • Scallop, pesto, and artichoke heart pizza- sundried tomatoes based basil pesto sauce is spread onto pizza crust, which is then topped with chopped artichoke hearts, mozzarella cheese, scallops, and parmesan cheese. The scallops are tossed in the already reserved artichoke marinade before being used as a topping for pizza. The pizza is then baked in oven and served hot.

Scallop and Pesto Nutrition Facts

Scallop pesto based dishes like pizzas and pastas are enriched with the nutrients of scallops and pesto, with 30 grams of scallop providing around 26 calories, obtained from 0.2 gram of fat, 48 mg of sodium, 10mg of cholesterol, 5 gram of protein, and 0.7 gram of carbohydrates while the base sauce of classic basil pesto is a good source of fats, carbohydrates, and protein.