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Lombardy cuisine is the regional cuisine of Lombardy located in the northwestern region of Italy. The proximity of mountains and sea ensures that the Lombardy region has a wonderful mix of locally sourced ingredients in the form of fresh fish, game, meat, vegetables and dairy products as well as recipes that are distinctive to the locality.

Historical and Cultural Influences on Lombardy Food

The region was controlled by the long standing barbarian rulers called the Lombard’s. Most of the recipes, cooking styles and ingredients have remained much the same over the years. After the Lombard rule, the region was invaded and occupied by the French. This led to the French influence on the cuisine but two centuries of Lombard cooking styles are still more prominent in the region.

Ingredients Commonly Used in Lombardy Food

Lombardy cuisine has several game dishes as rich game preserves in the form of deer, quails, and pheasants are located all over the region. Milk and dairy products are available all year round with several world famous cheeses like Taleggio, Gorgonzola, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Provolone Valpadana which are made in the region. Wine and beer are locally made too. Fish is very easily available in the form of local freshwater fish from the rivers. Mutton, chicken, veal and lamb are all cooked in rich gravies or roasted for meals. Local greens, mushrooms and aromatic herbs, are added to the dishes too

Local Lombardy Recipes

There are many Lombardy cuisine dishes that are cooked all through the year like

  • Pizzoccheri or handmade buckwheat tagliatelle
  • Agnolini which is a special handmade meat or vegetarian cheese and herb ravioli
  • Colomba pasquale shaped like a dove and baked as a special Easter cake
  • Alla cacciatore is an internationally know dish where rabbit or game is cooked tomato sauce
  • Lombard style eels, trout, dried fish and even polenta are world famous.

Lombardy Recipes Popular in Foreign Culture

Lombardy cuisine has already become world famous and the most famous dishes are-

  • Risotto that is specially cooked with saffron. The golden color of this dish is the trademark of a Lombardi dish
  • Cassoeula or a pork and cabbage stew.
  • Busecca is a speciality of the region and consists of a stew of tripe and organ meats
  • Ossobuco is a very pouplar international dish which consists of braised veal shank cooked with the marrow bone
  • Panettone is a very famous local food that is eaten as a Christmas cake