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Lazio food is a variety of Italian cuisine that is found the Lazio region of Italy. Cuisine in this region is very similar to the overall Italian cooking style with prominent influences from Greek, Roman, Jewish, Byzantine and Etruscan cuisines.

Historical and Cultural Influences on Lazio Food

Not much is known about the historical emergence of the cuisine but Rome is located right in the center of the district. It was thought travelers from all over the ancient world traveled to Rome and left their culinary influences behind.

Ingredients Commonly Used in Lazio Cooking

The region is also very famous for it high hills, and pastures. Local food is dominated by simple food that was created by the local shepherd class. As a result, fresh meat in the form of beef, veal, mutton, chicken and lamb are available and cooked into simple dishes all through the year. Milk and dairy products like world famous cheeses Pecorino Romano are readily available. Pasta in the form of spaghetti, gnocchi, bucatini is handmade and cooked into special dishes. Seasonal vegetables like tomatoes, artichokes, olives, and grapes were popular. Local artichokes are cooked into a variety of special dishes and are the trademark of this region. Mushrooms in the form of local varieties and truffles are used in cooking quite commonly.

Traditional Lazio Cuisine

Popular dishes served all through the year include the following Lazio food varieties

  • Abbacchio scottodito or strips of fried lamb meat
  • Artichokes are a local speciality adn Carciofi alla giudea Porchetta is lightly butter fried artichokes
  • Fiori di zucca is a popular vegetarian dish where local zucchini flowers and stuffed with a special mix of mozzarella and anchovy paste and then deepfried.
  • Spaghetti alla carbonara is a very special internationally know dish that is supposed to be named a lady from Abruzzo. The dish can be very heavy but is made pancetta, egg, pecorino, and black pepper into a heavy sauce.

Places Famous for Lazio Cuisine

Preserved meats in the form of salted and preserved pork are very common and are produced around the Lake Bracciano and Frosinone region. These preserved meats are an integral part of Lazio meat dishes.

Lazio Cuisine Trivia

A large variety of local vintages are produced and the region produces about 35 million cases of wine per year. The most popular local versions are Est!Est!Est! and Frascati and they are really popular with Lazio food.