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Italian Pasta

Traditional Italian pasta recipes are made from a boiled mix of flour, eggs and water or vegetable juice, especially for colored pastas. Italian Pasta, or simply pasta, is primarily a variation of noodles that are made in different sizes, shapes and even colors. Now-a-days there are flavored Italian pastas available and the flavorings include spices, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach etc.

History of Italian Pasta Recipes

While many believe Italian pasta originated from Arabic noodles called “itiriyah,” there are others who think Italian pasta has directly originated from the Chinese wheat noodles.

Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation of Italian Pasta Recipes

Italian pasta recipes are mostly prepared with ingredients like cheese, milk, vegetables, meat, pepper and garlic. Different kinds of cheeses can be used in making the pasta sauce, which is combined with milk for a creamy texture. In dishes, where the pasta needs to be cooked in sauces, the pasta noodles aren’t washed after being boiled, so that the sauces and cheeses can adhere to the noodles easily.Italian pasta recipes are often cooked not too soft (al dente) may be a practice followed to suit the palates of the day.

Serving and Eating Italian Pasta Recipes

Italian pasta recipes are suited for making dishes which can be eaten as standalone or they can also be served with side dishes like smoked bacon. Italian pasta can also be served in the form of appetizers like soup and salad.

Popular Variations in Italian Pasta Recipes

Spaghettis, macaroni, fusilli, lasagna etc are some of the most popular varieties of Italian pasta used in making a variety of dishes. While some Italian pasta recipes are cooked on a base of cheese sauce, there are dishes which completely omit the cheese and go for garlic sauce, meat sauce, tomato sauce and other such different sauces. Many recipes include a combination of different sauces. Some of the well known Italian pasta recipes are cold Italian pasta salad, Tagliatelle with Tomato Sauce and Ricotta, Tagliatele alla Bolognese, Pasta with Zucchini and Mozzarella and Penne con Fagiolini.

Health and Nutrition Facts of Italian Pasta Recipes

Italian pasta recipes are rich in carbohydrates, iron, vitamin B complex, protein and dietary fiber.