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Giròis one of the widely used grapes for producing fortified red wine, namely Girò wine, where the grape is usually black in color, and the wine prepared from this grape type is chiefly meant for dessert wines popular as port-like. The resultant wine is best consumed in young form.

The Girò variety of grape and the wines which are produced with this type are popularly described by various other names which include including Gira, Arzu, Gea, Girò di Spagna, Chiaro, Nieddu, Commune, Sardo, Zirone, and Gliata.

Origin of Gira or Gea Grape Variety

It has been speculated by various wine historians that the Girò grape variety, which is used in the creation of wine, has its origin in Spain, where the grapes were brought to the Sardinia region in 15th century.

Regions Producing Grapes Used in Girò Wine

The Italian Girò grape is widely grown on the lands of Sardinia, in Spain.

Popular Types of Girò Wine

Various kinds of wines produced with Girò variety of grapes include Gira or Girò commune, Gira niedda, Gira del Lanusei, and Gira di Cagliari, where Gira di Cagliari is said to be sort clean, and other varieties of wine are partly independently led.

Description of Girò di Cagliari

Of several types of wine prepared with Gira grape variety, Gira di Cagliari is the most popular one, which is red in color, and is considered to be dry, yet sweet. This light and ruby red wine tastes pleasant, warm and velvety, with a mild and delicate aroma. The alcoholic content of the wine varies from 14.5% to 17.5%.

Aging process of Girò di Cagliari

It takes around two years for the aging process, where the wine is aged for at least one year in wood and the resultant wine is never released before 1st July, following vintage.

Serving and Food Paring for Girò Wine

The wines prepared through Girò grapes are best paired with cakes, pastries and fruits, due to being light in nature, which are served at around 150 Celsius.