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Filone is a traditional bread of Italy similar to the French baguette. The name for the filone seems to have been derived from ‘filo’ which means line in Italian. The filone recipe recommends a long and very slow process of fermentation which is unique to this type of bread. The natural sours come together in the filone which consists of soft and moist crumbs, a tasty crust with delicious flavors. Tuscany and Calabria are particularly noted for their filone recipe which boasts of a traditional flavor and rustic feel to the bread. The name filone has been given to the long shaped bread while the round ones are called Bozza. The Ciabatta is also the same bread with a flat shape. The bread was relatively until a few years ago but ha now gained popularity across Italy and the United States of America. It is ideal for Scarpetta which is a tradition for scooping up the remnants from the plate with the aid of the bread. A habit associated with the Italian peasants, it is not acceptable as a part of formal dining etiquette in Italy.

History Of The Filone Recipe

The filone is believed to have originated sometime in the 14th century around the time of the grissini. There is no documented evidence to support this theory however. The longish bread was known as the poor man’s bread and eaten by the peasants of Italy.

Ingredients And Filone Recipe

The filone is characterized by its soft and savory crust and is simple to make. The common ingredients that are considered to be essential for baking the bread are Biga or leavening agent along with some unleavened flour, yeast, water and gluten. Salt and sugar are both used to make the dough. The consistency of the dough prepared by mixing all the ingredients together needs to be firm instead of sticky. The dough is also allowed to be refrigerated before it is shaped into a long log and is left on the kitchen table to rise. Deep incisions are usually made on the surface of the dough after placing them in the oven for baking. The dough also needs frequent sprayings with water during the process of baking. Rustic, Herb and Olives, Jalapeno & Cheese and Flax & Bran are some of the most popular varieties of the filone.