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Crostata is a kind of an Italian pie with a fruity jam filing. The name crostata is frequently alternated by the term crostata as well. The fruit based filling may be prepared with a variety of fruits namely cherries, apricots, peaches and berries. The word crostata is Italian for tart.

The crostata recipe for the crostata di frutta varies just a little with the pie being baked and then filed with pastry cream. Slices of fresh fruits are then added as toppings to the crostata. The crostata di ricotta, on the other hand makes use of ricotta combined with sugar, cocoa or chocolate. Anisette is often mixed with the ricotta as well. This is considered to be a traditional crostata recipe of Central Italy.

History Of Crostata Recipe

The Romans favored honey based desserts and used fruits quite liberally to sweeten their dishes. Most of the desserts of Italy have been handed down from the Roman era with the crostata recipe being no exception either.

The Arabic influence on the Italian crostata also holds a special significance as it was the ricotta based dishes that came from the Middle East via the Jews who settled in Italy. There is now a distinct divide with the Southern part of Italy favoring the ricotta based sweets while the Italians belonging to the North favor the creamy and fruity confections that originated in Rome.

Ingredients And Popular Crostata Recipes

The ingredients for the basic crostata are not too distinct from a conventional tart with flour, butter, sugar and egg yolks serving as the primary requirements for preparing the dessert. Some lemon rind along with a sweeter variety of dessert wine is occasionally added to enhance the flavors of the tart as well. The final nature of the tart depends on the fillings which are varied. Some of the most common variations of the crostata being:-

• Crostata di marmelata- A jam tart prepared with any fruit based jam. Cognac is also frequently added to the tart for a richer flavor.

• Crostata di limone- A lemon tart filled with the juice of a lemon along with powdered lemon rind.

• Crostata di ricotta – A cheese tart which contains ricotta cream mixed with the rich cream from milk.

Nutritional Facts Of Crostata

The crostata is rich in vitamins and minerals when prepared with fruits. The ricotta based crostata is not as healthy and may contain a substantial quantity of sodium apart from a high quantity of sugar.

Crostata: Trivia

Rice pudding baked in the form of a tart is known as Crostata di riso or the Rice Crostata.