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Ciarduna is anItalian almond pastry containing ricotta cheese filling, generally served as a dessert. It is commonly called Ciarduana Siciliana, and gets the name because it is native to Sicily in Italy. It consists of tube like forms of pastry filled in the middle with ricotta or mascarpone along with icing sugar and almond dust. Some variants also have an outer chocolate coating.

Ingredients Used and Popular Method of Preparation of Ciarduna

Ingredients: Commonly used ingredients suggested by the Ciarduna recipe for preparing pastry filling include ricotta, almond dust and icing sugar. Lemon essence may also be used. The pastry dough is made with flour, yeast and sugar.

Method of Preparation: As per Ciarduna recipe, the dough for the pastries is first prepared with flour, ammonia, sugar and yeast. It is kneaded with milk and allowed to rise. This dough is given hollow shape, and is baked, after which the filling made of ricotta, icing sugar and ground almond is packed into the pastry.

Health and Nutrition Facts of Ciarduana Siciliana
Ciarduna is agood source of instant energy. It may not be preferred by the calorie conscious eaters on account of the generous use of sugar and cheese.