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Ciao Italia

Ciao Italia actually called as Ciao Italia with Mary Ann Esposito refers to a cookery show hosted by chef and cookery author Mary Ann Esposito. The show has a viewership of approximately 1.4 million viewers during a week and is viewed over 270 Public Broadcast Service stations countrywide. Produced by Rhode Island PBS to distribute nationally the show is also telecast across Japan and New Zealand. Today it is America’s longest running cookery programme.

History of the Show

Ciao Italia began in the year 1989 being created by the host herself. The host of the show Mary Ann Esposito grew up influenced highly by Italian cooking practices. A chance trip to the country inspired her to create the show.

Format of the show

Ciao Italia has the host Mary Ann Esposito travel across the United States countries such as Rome and Italy in pursuit of recipes suitable to be prepared within thirty-minutes or lesser to cater to a busy audience who have enough time to only spare for relishing good Italian food rather than to prepare it in the traditional style.

Noteworthy Episodes and Ciao Italia recipes

  • The King of Cheese - Il Re Del Formaggio was an episode featuring Prosciutto di Parma ham, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Spicy Fava Bean Spread.
  • Cookie Favorites / Biscotti Favoriti in episode #2025 featuring Child baker Peter Scognamillo helping Mary Ann in preparing recipes of Almond Crisps and Maddalena Raspberry Cookies.
  • Garden Soups - Zuppa Dell'orto featuring Mary Ann with Ciao Italia recipes - Roasted Onion Soup using fresh onions and Black Cabbage Soup.
  • Eggs in Purgatory and Heaven or Uove in Purgatorio e Paradiso showcasing recipes of Pavia's Poached Egg Soup, Paradise Soup as well as a recipe known as Eggs in Purgatory.
  • Homemade Bread or Pane Casereccio with Ciao Italia recipes to make healthy Sicilian Bread and Whole-wheat Cibatta along with expert bread chef Peter Reinheart.
  • More Piedmont Cooking or Piu Cucina Piemontese with recipes Beef in Barolo Wine Agnolotti, Hazelnut Cake and Stuffed Onions served in Torino city.
  • Know Your Grains or Sapere Vostri Grani with recipes to make fried Farro Cakes, Crunchy, filling Barley Salad and a hearty along with a serving of Lentil Soup.
  • Cooking with Five Ingredients or Cucinando con Cinque Ingredienti in Italian with recipes to make Stuffed Flounder, Chocolate Hazelnut Potato Gnocchi and Banana Tartlets.
  • Cookie Favorites or Biscotti Favoriti featuring Child baker Peter Scognamillo to help Mary Ann prepare Ciao Italia recipes Almond Crisps and Maddalena Raspberry Cookies.
  • Chicken As You Like It or Pollo A Piacere in Italian with recipes including Oven Baked Chicken with Mozzarella and wine-infused tender Chicken Marsala.

Show Trivia

Mary Ann Esposito, the creator as well as the host of Ciao Italia is also a writer with the credit of writing several cookbooks including : Nella Cucina, Ciao Italia, What You Knead, Celebrations Italian Style, Ciao Italia – Bringing Italy Home, Mangia Pasta, Ciao Italia in Tuscany, Ciao Italia in Umbria,and Ciao Italia Pronto!: 30-Minute Meals from an Italian Kitchen.