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Bari Foods cumulatively refer to the traditional and authentic food culture practiced in the city of Bari, which is a famous province in Southern Italy. Every single Bari dish encapsulates the essences of its local agricultural product namely wine, wheat and olive oil. The cuisine is also well-known for its involvement with the locally produced vegetables and fruits. Today, many of the provincial breads across Italy are produced using alternatively cheap flours, but Bari people still prefer to use flour from local producers to square their breads and pastas.

The culture of Bari foods heavily depends on seafood because Bari is an important fishing area. Fresh fish and other varieties are often eaten raw or incorporated in many popular dish preparations. Sea urchins, mussles, and Octopus are normally used in the preparation of dishes.

Popular Recipes from Bari Cuisine

  • Riso, patate e cozze: This translates to rice with mussels and potatoes. This is an oven-baked dish and is popularly served across the restaurants of Bari.
  • Pasta al forno: This is a very popular baked pasta dish from Bari which is popularly prepared and savored as a regular fare. The dish was once served as a popular Sunday food and it was particularly savored at the beginning of the Lent season when other ingredients like pork and eggs were heavily used for religious purposes. Every family has its own way of preparing the dish. Multiple variations of the dish are popular throughout Bari. Mozzarella cheese, vegetables, and tomato sauce are some of the ingredients that are commonly used in the preparation of the dish.
  • Barese Ragu: This dish is prepared by combining meat with sofrito (sauteed blend of flavored or aromatic ingredients) and tomatoes. This is a meat based sauce and is normally served with pasta. The regional variations of this sauce are observed and favored throughout Italy. Example- the Barese ragu differs from Bolognese ragu, or Neapolitan ragu in terms of ingredients and cooking methods. Barese Ragu is sometime prepared using horsemeat, and is one of the popular Bari Foods, which is considered to be the specialty of the cuisine of Bari.

Bari Wines: The wines produced at the place help in imparting a specific identity to the culinary scene of Bari, where Primitivo, Moscato di Trani and Castel del Monte - are the popular wines from the region.