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Vegetarian Alfredo Sauce

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Vegetarian Alfredo sauce recipe is exclusively for those who do not include meat or fish in their diets. They can enjoy this sauce with pasta and can have a delicious taste.
  Butter 1 Tablespoon (1 Bar)
  Parmesan cheese 1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs)
  Asiago cheese 1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs)
  Milk 1 Cup (16 tbs)
  Fresh basil leaves 2
  Carrots 2
  Almonds 1⁄3 Cup (5.33 tbs)
  Stalk celery 2
  Yellow onion 1
  Peas 1 Cup (16 tbs)
  Salt To Taste (For Seasoning)
  Pepper To Taste (For Seasoning)

Take the onion and peel it and chop it finely if you don’t want to use onion then use chopped shallots. Take a clean damp cloth and clean carrot and celery, chop these both vegetables.

Add two tablespoon of butter in a pan and place in on a medium flame stir it until it is melted and add chopped onions, celery and chopped carrots. Stir fry these ingredients.
Take one cup of fresh or canned peas and add into a pan at the end so that they remain crunchy and with original flavor and stir fry for one minute again.

Add milk, crushed almonds, 3 tablespoon of butter, shredded cheese and chopped basil leaves. Cook it for 2 minutes n stir it so that all the ingredients can be mixed properly and the creamy sauce will be ready for your pasta or other food.

If you want to use this sauce in pasta then add pasta in the pan of sauce and mix it well and dish it out and garnish freshly ground pepper.

Don not add salt when you melt the butter, it will become over salty.

A joyful read was the history on Fettuccine Alfredo and the many variations, especially the low fat version.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: 
Main Dish
Lacto Ovo Vegetarian
Party, Quick
Preparation Time: 
10 Minutes
Cook Time: 
15 Minutes
Ready In: 
25 Minutes
There can also be variation in vegetarian Alfredo sauce with respect to the calories. Low fat vegetarian sauce can also be made by using olive oil and margarine so you do not need to use cheese and butter if you are diet conscious. Using olive oil can result a low fat Alfredo sauce which will be healthy. Following are the ingredients that are required to make this sauce without using meat. I got inspired by the Cooking Queen Blog.
Alfredo Recipe

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Nutrition Rank

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

Calories 287 Calories from Fat 163

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 19 g28.7%

Saturated Fat 8.5 g42.4%

Trans Fat 0 g

Cholesterol 37 mg12.3%

Sodium 499.8 mg20.8%

Total Carbohydrates 17 g5.7%

Dietary Fiber 4.9 g19.8%

Sugars 7.4 g

Protein 14 g28.7%

Vitamin A 117.7% Vitamin C 28.3%

Calcium 37.1% Iron 6.9%

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet

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Vegetarian Alfredo Sauce Recipe, Alfredo Recipe