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Simple Italian Style Sandwich

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I am going to show you a very simple Italian style sandwich.
  Ciabatta bread slices 2 (Rustic Bread)
  Provolone cheese slices 2
  Romaine lettuce 1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs), chopped
  Vinaigrette 2 Tablespoon
  Ham slices 2
  Genoa salami slices 2
  Capicola ham slices 2

1. Arrange meat ans cheese on bread.
2. Toss shredded lettuce in a bowl with vinaigrette, add to sandwich slices.

Chef’s Note: If your paying close attention you’ll hear me say “3 meats” but then I only put two on the sandwich. Somehow it was left off my prep list…make sure you add it to your sandwich!

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Very Easy
When you are craving for something "different" to snack on during lunch, this Italian style sandwich will hit the spot. Chef Keith Snow presents a simple sandwich recipe that is clearly inspired by Italian flavors and ingredients and packs in quite a generous amount of ham, salami and cheese. A luxurious lunchtime indulgence indeed!

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Simple Italian Style Sandwich Recipe Video