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Winter recipes are recipes incorporating fruits, vegetables, herbs or other ingredients available during the winter season. Almost every kitchen in winter smells with authentic winter food recipes like soups, hot beverages, warm appetizers and delicious desserts especially when Christmas and New Year are in the vicinity. It is always welcomed in the cold months as one’s body requires more food to keep itself warm. It is during this season, that the winter foods like citrus fruits, green vegetables, aromatic herbs, nutritious cereals and fresh pulses flood the market. Winter foods includes orange, amla, apple, strawberry and pineapple as the dominating fruits most of which are utilized in preparing winter recipes like hot shakes and beverages, complimentary dips and desserts including cakes, pastries and puddings. Capsicum, carrot, bean, cauliflower, radish and leafy vegetables like spinach and cauliflower which are extremely nutritious for the body are the dominating vegetables of winter food.

Ingredients for Winter Recipes
The principle contents for preparing winter foods are mainly the seasonal ingredients available at this time of the year. For instance, the preparation of a Almond Celery Soup calls for almond and celery as the principle ingredients, while the making of another winter food such as Baby corn Broccoli requires winter vegetables like baby corn and broccoli. Green peas or hara matar find a special place in the kitchen and are used to prepare a variety of winter recipes like Matar Pulao, Matar ki Sabzi, etc. The consumption of non-vegetarian winter food like eggs, chicken, fish, lamb, and pork also go up during the cold months to keep the body warm.

Methods of Preparation of Winter Recipes
The preparation of winter recipes is quite interesting as it involves the utilization of fresh and exotic seasonal products particularly fruits, vegetables and herbs. Baby Spinach Omelet, a popular winder food can be prepared very easily by simply mixing beaten eggs, baby spinach and parmesan cheese. Thisrecipe is then seasoned with onion powder and nutmeg and cooked for just a few minutes. Hot soups like Cream of Tomato Soup, Asparagus Soup, and Avocado Soup with Shrimp Ceviche, the winter food specialties are seasoned with fresh herbs like celery, oregano and basil.

Variations in Winter Recipes
The palates of the winter food include umpteenth number of nutrition rich winter recipes like Avocado and Corn Soup, Bacon Tomato Chowder, Baked Broccoli, Baked Vegetables, Beer Lime Grilled Chicken, Basil Tomato Cream Cheese Frittata, Gaund or Gond ke Laddu, Gajar ka Halwa, Sweet Potato Pie, Spiced Lamb Shanks, Catalonian Fish Stew, to name just a few.

Serving Winter Dishes
Most of the winter food is served hot such as soups, beverages, appetizers and stews. Some winter foods are also served normal or cold such as juices, salads and desserts.

Some Health Facts to Winter Dishes
This seasonal food, due to the nutrition rich contents, can be recommended for all. However, specific winter reci like desserts, creamy beverages and oily appetizers can be allowed only with caution to those who are watching their weights.