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Teenager food is basically defined as meals-on-the-go which is simple and most importantly fast to cook. Teenager food does not significantly include the generation fast food or instant foods available in the market which counts unbelievably low on the calorie content. On the other hand, teenager food refers to those dishes which do not involve complex cooking methods and more-than-manageable ingredients for their preparation, however, are well balanced and nutritious. The idea is to make it easy for the teenager to don the cap of a chef and enjoy cooking within the constrained time period. Modern teenager food may include cakes, especially muffin preparations, pancakes, pies, salads, tossed-sautéed veggies. Teenager food especially, pastas, pizzas, yoghurt and cakes can be easily prepared at home without undergoing any strenuous cooking time.

History Of Teenager Food Recipes

The origin of the concept of dedicated teenager food is an outcome of the growing percentage of obese teenagers in the entire United States of America and the rest of the world in the modern times. Time constrains due to working parents, made it difficult for the mothers to personally take care of their kid’s diet. This resulted into excessive munching in junk spots like school cafeterias and restaurants. The food offered by these favorite spots essentially lacked in all the nutrients and scored unbelievably high in the fattening agents like sodium, saturated fats and carbohydrates content. Therefore, in order to control the ever-growing cases of teen-obesity, the idea of instant cooking with the teenager food gained popularity.

Popular Teenager Food Recipes From Different Cuisines

Variations in terms of ingredients and method of cooking are likely to vary in the teenager food recipes of different cuisines. Some of the most popular teenage food served in varied cuisines are given below.

American- Peanut butter puffins, apple and cinnamon raisin, banana bread, blueberry muffins, French toast, lemon chicken salad, peach freeze, pineapple pops, roasted veggies, oatmeal, apple pancakes,

European- Veggie Tortilla Lasagna, Spaggeti with sauce, Pizzas, Yoghurt with fruits, Frozen yoghurt pops, turkey chilli, salmon, baked beans, chicken salad

Indian- Instant Idli, Banana Bajji, Bhel puri, Scrambled eggs, Rice pudding, milk soothies

The above mentioned teenager foods are readily available as packed or ready-to-eat meals in the local markets as well. However, it is ideal to try these teenage recipes at home as they are and less time consuming.