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Super Foods

Super food is a special category of food which contains very less calories but is nutrient dense, which not only makes it a healthy food but also a food which doesn’t increase weight. Super dishes are great sources of essential nutrients and antioxidants. Super food is of various types ranging from green super dishes, fruits and nuts to bee super foods, herbs and seaweeds. Most of these super food items are richly concentrated with vitamins, minerals, fat melting compounds and easy to digest nutrients which also protect and heal the body. Many of these foods also contain protective photochemicals, healthy bacteria, immunity boosting antioxidants and several medicinal qualities. These foods are easy to find and are very effective in warding off serious heart diseases, diabetes, cholesterol problems, cancer and much more. Some very well known dishes are super veggies, sweet and sour meat balls, super food granola and super food salmon stir-fry.

History of Super Food Dishes

One of the earliest records of super food usage dates back to the 5500 B.C in the Egyptian era. The Egyptians regarded the bee products as immensely powerful foods. Even the Indians used bee products in their super dishes during their religious ceremonies and this has been accounted for in the records as old as the 1000 B.C. Babylonians used bee super foods for medicinal purposes while the western world made an accidental discovery of these food items as being super foods while investigating on native Russian beekeepers who could live for more than 100 years of age after eating raw pollen rich honey every day. Even herbs have been savored as super dishes since centuries and many of these herbal recipes have also been used in natural healing methods.

Popular Super Food Dishes from Different Cuisines

Popular super food items according to different cuisines of the world are as follows –

Indian – Classic Indian super foods like black rice pudding, naans (different flat breads), paneer saag (spinach with tofu) and Chicken Madras (a chicken dish made with banana and fenugreek).

American – The American super dishes are generally made with blueberries, yumberries, chia seeds, avocados, sweet potatoes, pumpkin seeds and the Wild Pacific North West Salmon.

African – In Africa, acai berry juice, goji berry jam and baobab powder are the most popular super foods.

Chinese – In Chinese cuisine, goji berries and lotus seeds are used in a wide variety of cooking due to their super food qualities.

Preparation and Commercial Availability of Super Foods

The super food business is a huge commercial success, especially in America where the these food items are sold in different forms in the medicinal stores or the super markets in the form of pills, supplements, meal powders, juices, spice mix and so on. Some popular examples are acai berry juice, green tea and boku superfood powders. The homemade super foods are also common as they are made from the fresh ingredients into various super dishes.

Super Dishes Trivia

The 2005 U.S Government Dietary Guideline recommends the regular consumption of super food items as they make up for the loss of several nutrients which aren’t otherwise always provided by the normal food.