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Spring recipes predominantly comprise of fresh produce that occur apparently during the season. Spring is the season particular to temperate regions across the world with extreme weather conditions. Spring also means rebirth, re-growth and renewal. Many plants and trees bloom with flowers and bear fruits during this time. Sources of spring dishes include-onions, gourd, spinach, asparagus, lettuces, marrow, fennel, artichokes, fresh broad beans, lemons, cardoons, truffles, peas, beetroot, basil, mint, sweet marjoram, saffron, green barley, lamb and dairy products. Popular recipes are-Spring Fruit Bowl, Spring Artichokes, Tuna Vietnamese spring rolls, Spring Vegetable Medley and Spring Salad with Roquefort Cream.

History of Spring Food

Long time back spring recipes comprised of vegetable food such as onions, fresh broad beans, gourd, cardoons, spinach roquette salad, lettuces, asparagus, artichokes, fennel, peas, lemons, beetroot, truffles, mint, basil, sweet marjoram, lamb, green barley, pigeons and dairy products. Drinks involved mint syrup and lemon juice, distillation of orange blossom, rose and other herbs for winter. Besides there have been many cultural and regional beliefs, customs and festivals associated with spring. Festivals are celebrated in many parts of the world to mark the occasion of fresh blossom. Spring preparations prevailed during the past festive occasion in spring namely Akitu in ancient Mesopotamia. Two festivals were celebrated at the beginning of each of the two half-years of the Sumerian calendar, marking the sowing of barley in autumn and the cutting of barley in spring, in the month of Nisannu (Aries).

Popular Spring Dishes from Different Cuisines

Vegetable dishes are popular among spring recipes in Italian cuisine.

Spring Dishes that have turned out as trademarks of Vietnamese cuisine are phở, gỏi cuốn (spring/summer rolls), bún, and bánh mì (Vietnamese baguette).

  • American recipes include-
  • Fresh Asparagus with Ham, Garlic and Lemon-salad
  • Cream of Mushroom Soup
  • Mustard Glazed Potatoes-Side Dish
  • Baked Fresh Cherry Custard Recipe-Dessert
  • Grilled Leg of Lamb Steaks with Mint Honey Vinaigrette-Main dish

Among Chinese spring recipes, spring rolls in varied styles are common. Stir Fry Shrimp With Chinese Greens, Strawberry Chicken Stir-fry and Cold Asparagus Salad are other popular spring dishes.

Preparation and Commercial Availability of Spring Food

The recipes are more of a cultural affair as the season is celebrated with festivity in many regions across the globe. In Afghanistan and Iran, the first day of spring is the beginning of the New Year, Nowruz, in the Solar Hijri Calendar. Haft Mēwa-a spring dish like a Fruit salad and Samanak-sweet dish are the prime spring preparations in every home. Easter is also another festival that occurs during this season. Easter bunnies, Easter Shrimp Toast, Easter Shrimp Toast, Easter Shrimp Toast and Traditional Easter Bread are the prominent spring recipes during Easter. Eateries and restaurants to are decked up with festivity to celebrate spring across the globe.

Spring Dishes Trivia

Egg rolls & spring rolls were special spring dishes served with tea as snacks when relatives and friends came to visit after Chinese New Year.

Among fruits strawberries are the first to ripen in spring.

Mesclun, also known as Field Greens or Spring Mix, is a classic green salad among spring recipes that hails from Southern France. It is a combination of very young leaves and shoots of wild and cultivated plants, such as endive, dandelion, arugula, etc. Sometimes edible flowers are also added.