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Oscar Party

Oscar party food mainly comprises a full menu with a huge variety of appetizers and desserts. Drinks include a variety of elite brands of champagne and wine. The appetizers and desserts served on this day of Academy Awards are not just elegant, but filling and ideal even for low key Oscar Parties held at home. In fact, the leftovers of these oscar parties can be used the next day.

Traditional Oscar Party Recipes

Oscar party food includes some classic dishes like Cobb Salad, Crab cakes along with smoked salmon, scallops and caviar. Crème brulee or flourless chocolate cake are part of the desserts served. Gourmet pop corn bar is a must on such occasions.

The glamorous Hollywood Oscar party is incomplete without a few bottles of flowing Champagne that is generally served in old-style champagne glasses.

Significance of Oscar Party Dishes

Though the usual perception is that that Oscar Party food is rich in carbohydrates, fat and cholesterol, there are many foods that are quite healthy. Delicious yet healthy hors d’oeuvres can be served with drinks that are not only decadent but good for the guests.

Modern Oscar Party Recipes and Variations

Low carbohydrate foods are part of the modern day Oscar parties, which are thoroughly enjoyed by most guests. Detailed here are a few popular combinations -

Moet Golden Glamour Champagne Cocktail – This champagne is served to the guests to congratulate the winners just the way it is done in the Hollywood after parties.

Mini Burgers with Remoulade Sauce – Beef cuts are used in these mini burgers, which are popular during these parties.

Smoked Salmon and Dill Sauce – These tasty bites are served on plates or prepared on small toast squares and served as appetizers.

Baby Potatoes with Caviar – It is one of the Scandinavian appetizers that is one of the most enjoyed.

Diver Scallops with Blood Orange Sauce – This is a delicious seafood appetizer, which is popular among the seafood lovers.

Serving Oscar Party Food

Finger foods are an integral part of Oscars parties. They are usually consumed during the long telecast of the event on the television. The appetizers are generally served in small portions to last the entire length of the event.