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Natural food is referred to the food that contains very less or no artificial flavorings, colors and preservatives. It is a term that is often labeled on the foods with very minimal processing. These type of foods are claimed to contain only the natural flavors and devoid of any sweeteners and other unnatural and synthetic products. All type of vegetable and fruit may come under the category of natural food, if they are unprocessed with artificial ingredients. However, there are no official standards for this kind of food, but organic foods are recognized by Food and Agriculture Organization. The popularity of natural food is evident by the fact that lots of natural recipes are prevailing these days, such as, carob snack balls, granola with fresh fruit and prunes in orange sauce.

As increasing number of people are getting health conscious day by day, the importance of such food is also augmenting. Natural recipes are gaining popularity in almost all cuisines. This type of food is healthy as well; hence most of the recipes include them. Quinoa, wheat, rice, vegetables, cereals and even dairy and meat products are available without processing and artificial products, due to this reason they form the basis of many organic food preparations. Natural recipes can either be served as breakfast dishes as well as in main course. Drinks and beverages made with natural fruits and vegetables are quite famous. Kid recipes are also widely prepared with natural ingredeints for providing health and nutrition. This food is able to grant a nourishing touch to any kind of recipe.

As nutritional value of such food is concerned, it is always on higher side. The foods that does not contain any chemicals, artificial flavorings, preservatives and even no growth hormones; are forever healthy and beneficial. Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are preserved in natural food as no processing means no loss of essential nutrients. Meal made up of this type of food is helpful in maintaining the overall health of body. But, this sort of food is not officially recognized; therefore proper care should be taken while consuming the recipes that are claimed to be natural.

Natural food can easily be accessible from the health food section of any grocery store. Organic food department is also an excellent place for buying natural foods. One thing that should be kept in mind that there are no specified rules and guidelines set for these foods, so don’t trust blindly on the information written on the food package.

Storage for this food is relatively similar like regular food. Natural fruits and vegetables can easily be stored in refrigerator and other foodstuffs may be kept in room temperature. It is said that if food is actually unprocessed and natural then it remains fresh for longer period.

History of Natural Recipes

Natural food is typically assumed as health foods. History and origin of such food recipes is closely related to the fact that people consider health foods as best option for maintaining weight and overall health. Benedict Lust was the first person who initiated the opening of first health food store in USA, in 1918. It is believed that natural food is popular since then only.

Popular Natural Recipes

Natural food is such a term that can be used with any kind of food, and recipes made with them can be popularly served in any cuisine. Almost all cuisines include such type of recipes as they are nourishing and wholesome.

In United States of America and Canada, the FDA has not set any guidelines for ‘natural food’, though natural recipes are immensely held in these cuisines. Typically, health foods are considered natural foods and people use them widely in their cooking.

European cuisine as well as Asian cuisine also makes good use of these unprocessed natural foods, due to the lack of artificial processing in the food.

  • Quinoa cereal with fresh fruits – This recipe contains the unprocessed fruits along with natural quinoa. It is typically eaten as a breakfast dish.
  • Poached egg over sautéed greens – The main ingredient in this recipe is the natural green vegetables. Even egg used in the preparation is also claimed to be untreated and unprocessed.
  • Millet with dried fruit compote – Like quinoa, millet is also a natural food that is quite healthy and beneficial.
  • Healthy Caesar salad – Almost all vegetables and ingredients used in this wholesome salad are regarded natural food and contains no artificial flavorings.


  • The demand for natural food and natural recipes are increasing by 15% every year.