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Low Calorie

Low calorie recipes are the simplest kinds of foods, which are meant to reduce the total caloric intake of the eater. The basic concept of a low calorie diet is to consume simple foods and in smaller amounts. Low calorie foods are the foods which contain less amounts of fats or are completely fatless and much often do not contain other essential nutrients too. Thus, while the low calorie recipes are believed to bring about weight loss, in many cases, an unbalanced low calorie diet can result in malnutrition and can trigger several serious health problems. However, a diet which encourages low calorie recipes high in nutrition and fiber, is considered effective for a healthy weight loss. These include dishes like green salad with low fat dressing, jam bread and low fat cheese cake.

Dietary Laws Governing Low Calorie Foods
A person on a low calorie diet is expected to eat low calorie recipes which will provide less calories to his/her body. The recommended calorie intake for men following a low calorie diet is 1800 per day. Women are advised to consume no more than 1500 calories daily, when they are following this weight loss diet. Since the individual needs vary depending on weight and other factors, the dieters need to determine their individual daily calorie intake by using a calorie calculator. Usually, the dieters are recommended to start with the aim of reducing their calorie intake by 100 to 500 in the very first week. This is achieved by cutting down on junk food and eating low calorie recipes containing lean protein, healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids, monounsaturated fats and fiber. Lean meat, olive oil, whole grain cereals, beans, fatless fishes, nuts, seeds, low fat dairy, dark chocolate, fruits and vegetables are some of the best examples of low calorie foods. The low calorie dieters should maintain a BMI of 18.5 or more, to stay healthy.

Low Calorie Diet Routine
Here is a sample diet menu comprising all low calorie foods which provide around 1000 calories–

  • Breakfast – A slice of whole wheat bread with 2 tsp peanut butter/low calorie jelly spread and half a cup of fruit juice.
  • Lunch – One 6 inches Subway Deli Turkey breast sandwich and a small cup of low fat yogurt.
  • Dinner – Low calorie recipes like Quick Chicken Wrap prepared with a soft flour tortilla wrapping in 2 oz shredded chicken, half a ounce of low fat shredded cheese, one sliced tomato, half a teaspoon of dried herbs and a salad comprising a cup of spinach leaves and fresh vegetables with low fat or fat free salad dressing.
  • Snacks – An ounce of ham wrap with carrot sticks, one serving of fruit, fruit juice and spiced sweet corn without any fat.

Since, the dietary requirements vary from individual to individual, dieters planning to live on low calorie recipes should get a physical examination done before starting this weight loss program. People with health conditions or in risk groups of high cholesterol or high blood pressure should be extra cautious with low calorie foods.

Health Value of Low Calorie Foods
Dieters eating low calorie recipes daily can lose 2 to 3 kg of weight every week. A healthy low calorie diet also improves sleep, increases life span, improves mental sharpness and prevents several diseases concerning heart and blood pressure. However, sometimes regular consumption of low calorie recipes can bring about side effects in some dieters. These may include gallstones, diarrhea, constipation, nausea and fatigue.

Low Calorie Diet Trivia
Low calorie diet slows down the aging process and makes one look younger.