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Kids recipes literally mean the recipes that are specially made for kids according to their taste and preferences. Kids food is normally prepared by using healthy as well as easily available ingredients so that kids are able to get proper nutrition without any fuss. Kids dishes can be served at any course of meal including breakfast, snacks as well as main course.

Nowadays kids recipes are quite popular among all households as they offer wholesome benefit to the kids and they tend to eat less junk food. Usually, it is observed that kids are more attracted towards bright colors and unique recipes hence kids food should be loaded with some rich flavors and vibrant colors such as orange, pink and red. Artificial coloring may be harmful for them therefore it is advisable to use natural fruit colors. Orange, strawberry and mangoes can be fondly used to make kids dishes. Junk foods including burgers, pizzas and cold drinks are on the top of the kids food menu but these foods can also be prepared with nourishing ingredients. The main concept behind kids recipes is to make some healthy and beneficial recipes with innovative ideas in order to create interest for kids.

Some of the important kids foods and ingredients are green vegetables that can be incorporated in kids dishes in the form of vegetable soup or sandwich filling. Whole wheat noodles and pastas are also the healthy options for kids recipes. For non-vegetarian recipes, chicken is the most common food that is relished by kids. It is normally used to make chicken cutlets, chicken sandwiches and even healthy chicken soup. Fruits, milk, cheese and cereals constitute a balanced diet for kids. Even various kinds of colorful drinks and dips are included in kids foods to introduce an element of fun. One more thing that is always taken care of while preparing kids recipes is that there should not be excess spices in the kids foods.

Kids recipes can also be made with extra fun by involving kids in the kitchen. Self-prepared kids foods are much more liked by them as compared to the food prepared by their moms. Whipping the cream in a large bowl to make desserts or to decorate the cakes with glazed cherries is always a fun activity for kids. This is another way to please a fussy kid to have self-made food.

History of Kids Recipes
Kids foods as well as kids dishes are the modern concepts that gained popularity as a healthy option as compared to the junk and unhealthy foods. Kids recipes are conceptualized by keeping in mind the required nutrition along with taste. Kids dishes are popular in almost all cuisines but it is not confirmed that which cuisine has actually started this modern trend. The kids recipes are emerging widely due to the reason that parents want their children to eat some nourishing food and it can only be possible in a way when children are least aware of the food contents. Almost all kids have fussy eating habits and to overcome this problem, parents and especially mothers had started the trend of kids recipes.

Popular Kids Recipes from Different Cuisines

• Idli - the easiest and well-liked food for kids as it has no spices and kids can easily savor it with a sauce of their choice. This is one of the most popular Indian kids foods as it can be eaten at any time and it is healthy as well.
• Aloo ka parantha – it is a very popular Indian dish and a kids friendly recipe. Aloo ka parantha is a quite famous Tiffin food for kids.


• Chocolate chip cookies – Chocolate flavor and recipes including chocolate are all time kids favorite. These chocolate chip cookies are easy to make and kids are highly influenced by its taste.
• Cheese sandwich – This is one of the most popular kids foods in American cuisine. Sandwiches can either be made with some green veggies with cheese or a simple cheese slice.


• Noodles – Noodles are kids favorite and if loaded with vegetables and chicken can make a delicious and healthy kids dish.
• Sweet and sour chicken – Chinese food is usually easy to cook and liked by kids. This sweet and sour chicken is loved by children due to its sweet and tangy flavor with fewer spices.


• Pizza – Pizza is one of the most famous kids foods not only in Italy but all over the world. The creamy cheese and oregano flavor makes it the ubiquitous recipe.
• Pasta – Another Italian kids friendly dish is pasta. If kids recipes include whole wheat pasta then it is a healthy option.

Middle Eastern

• Chlada Fakya – It’s an Algerian fruit salad that is fun to make with kids. Being a fruit salad, it is a very healthy dish for kids.
• Hab el hal – It is a kind of cardamom cookie that is loved by kids all over the world. Kids especially love to cut its dough with cookie cutter.

Though homemade kids recipes are prevailing in all the cuisines, due to huge demand and increasing popularity, many commercial eateries and food processing companies have also introduced kids foods. All commercial kids food producers make sure that they are offering enough nutrition to their young consumers.