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Holiday food is an assortment of dishes prepared especially on the holidays, festivals and special occasions. In each and every culture, there are several holidays and people celebrate and spend these holidays with fun and feasting, hence certain holiday foods are quite popular on these days. These foods are not only prepared on holidays, but they are also regarded party foods that contains lots of special and extravagant recipes.

Some of the most popular days when holiday food is prepared are Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, 4th July and many other food holidays. Special holiday foods are spiced ham, stuffed turkey, holiday biscotti and eggnog custard pie.

History and Origin of Holiday Foods
The origin of different style of holiday food is based on the origin of the holidays on which it is particularly prepared. For example, turkey is specially prepared on Christmas and Thanksgiving and the origin of this bird as a centerpiece is linked with both these holidays. It is well-known fact that on holidays people use to spend their time with family and friends and a celebration is incomplete without special holiday food, hence this type of food is birthed.

Ingredients Prescribed by Holiday Foods
Holiday food typically include the recipes that are prepared with exotic ingredients and possesses some lengthy and authetic methods of preparations. Generally, quick and simple recipes are preferred on the working days, but holidays are meant for cooking some lavish holiday foods. The holiday food menu typically starts with the appetizers. Ingredients such as olives, atichokes, mushroom and butternut squash are sued to prepare some unqiue recipe. Variety of meats including, beef, lamb, turkey, duck and chicken make some very delicious holiday food recipes. Dips and sauces are typically prepared to give company to these holiday foods.

Rice, pasta and noodles are also incorporated in making some of the most authentic recipes to be served as special meal on holidays. Lots of cheese, cream, nuts and meats are inculcated to provide lavishness to the dishes. Among the dessert recipes, fresh fruit puddings topped with whipped cream is essentially served as a holiday food. Embellished cakes, pastries, tarts and pies are the centerpiece of the dessert recipes. Decorative cookies, biscuits and muffins hold a special place in holiday food as they are anytime snacks and can be relished with any meal.

Methods of Preparation of Holiday Foods
Since there are various type of recipes are included in holiday food, the methods of preparations are varied. Grilling, barbequing and baking are the most popular methods of making holiday foods. Especially, barbeque picnics and parties are arranged on holidays. Roasting, stuffing and even frying methods are usually adopted to make holiday food recipes. Garnishing is an important part of holiday food as it provides a nice touch to the dish. Desserts and baked items are especially prepared with icing or frosting and decorated with colorful and vibrant ingredients.

Serving and Eating of Holiday Foods
Being holiday food, it is eaten with whole family, friends and neighbors. Special picnics, parties and feasts are arranged in which various holiday foods are served. Holiday is a day when people are in a relaxed mood, hence no formal dinners and parties are organized. Everything is informal and the day is celebrated with fun and frolic.

Health and Nutrition Facts Related to Holiday Foods
Holiday food is usually full of calorific contents, hence to be eaten in moderation. Sugar, cream, cheese and fatty items are abundantly present in holiday food recipes and these items are not good for health. However, low-fat contents can be used to prepare holiday foods.