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Holiday Feast

Holiday feast are special dishes relished with friends and family, specifically made for particular holidays and range from breakfast items to lunch and dinner meals to rich and delicious desserts. Every cuisine has its own holiday feast recipes and the foods prepared for such days have their own significance. Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and New Year are the major holidays which are celebrated with good food all over the world.

Italian Holiday Feast

Saint Josephs’ day is celebrated on every 19th of March in Italy and Italians consume fava bean dishes and zeppolo, Sicilian pastries on this day along with other foods. A light dinner is consumed during Christmas and Tortellini is served as the first meal on this day. Lamb is widely eaten in Italy and is included the most in holiday meal.

Spanish Holiday Feast Recipes

Churros are fritters which are similar to doughnuts and are consumed as a one of the items of holiday meal. During Christmas, people eat torrijas as a popular breakfast item and Ensalada tropical salad is eaten before meals.

American Holiday Dishes

Thanksgiving is one of the important holidays of the US and people love to eat turkey in various forms on this day. Smoked turkey, grilled turkey, turkey legs and breasts are usually included in holiday food. The other holiday buffet dishes include bean casserole with cream, chicken dishes, corn dishes and fruits. Cakes and desserts are popular during Christmas and New Year celebrations. Rum cake with wine is one of the favorite foods of this holiday season.

Chinese Holiday foods

Jiaozi are the dumplings popular as holiday feast dish during the Chinese New Year. Whole fish, spring rolls and cakes are also relished as holiday foods in China.

Jewish Holiday Feast Dishes

Hanukkah is a major Jewish festival and fried foods are mainly eaten on this day. Olive oil is used as a cooking medium for Hanukkah holiday feast recipes. Latkes, potato pancakes and bimuelos are popular foods of Jewish on Hanukkah. Cheese products are also very common in Hanukkah holidays.