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Harvest food is the food that is prepared and enjoyed during the harvesting time period. Eating harvest foods would make you healthy and fit, while enjoying the crops of the season. Harvest is a time period when British people used to traditionally celebrate abundance of land. During the harvest time, there are lots of fresh vegetables and fresh fruits everywhere. Woodland mushrooms, golden pumpkins, coriander, and corn are seen in most of the regions during this time period. Pears and apples are the major fruits of the harvest period in some regions. Summer tomatoes are really in abundance in this season. Lots of harvest recipes can be created with the help of harvest foods. The popular harvest foods and recipes and the significance of harvest recipes have been discussed hereunder.

Popular Harvest Recipes

Sweet corn – Sweet corn is a popular harvest food. The cops of corn are stored in water for around an hour. Thereafter, they are grilled and husked-on.

Sweet corn soup – Sweet corn soup is enjoyed by many people during the harvest time period. Blending all the vegetables together and adding corn to it makes a very delicious sweet corn soup.

Tomatoes – It is recommended to buy plenty of tomatoes during the harvest time. You can store the tomatoes by making a paste or puree. The stored paste or puree can then be used to make pizza or pasta.

Squash recipes – Various kinds of squash recipes are enjoyed during harvest. Citrus baked squash (composed of butternut squash, water and orange juice) and rich and sweet pepper squash (composed of brown sugar, pepper squash, cinnamon and butter) are the commonly preferred squash recipes for harvest time period.

Popular Harvest Foods and Recipes from Different Cuisines

Indian – garlic mint yogurt, smoked egg plant with tomatoes, Indian pickle, and chutney.

British - pasta, pizza, pumpkins, mushroom, carrots, squash, tomatoes and corn

Chinese – muffins made of pumpkin, Chinese chilli made of hot chilli peppers, stir fried eggs and vegetables

Asian- fall harvest muffins, garlic egg rolls, stuffed green peppers, stir fried shredded potatoes, pumpkin congee, glazed carrots, and sweet chilli sauce.

The above described harvest foods and recipes are highly popular in respective counties and world wide. The recipes and foods are available in almost all the hotels and restaurants in different regions. Most of the harvest recipes can be easily prepared and in home also, thus saving money and enjoying the comfort of sitting at home side by side.

Significance of Harvest Food

Harvest food is the food that is prepared during the harvest festival. Harvest festival is celebrated annually in almost all the counties. Due to a difference in crops and climate throughout the world, the harvest festival differs from one country to another. During the harvest festival, people enjoy with their family and friends with lots of fun and foods that are available during the harvest period. Harvest festival is celebrated with lots of music, enjoyment and delicious harvest food.