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Harvest Festival

Harvest festival food is an eminent part of the annual celebrations for the new harvest. The festival is of great importance and is celebrated at different times throughout the entire globe. The festival is celebrated as the Thanksgiving Day in USA and Canada, as Harvest Thanksgiving Day in Britain, Full moon festival in Asia, Makar Sakranti, Holi and Onam in India. The traditional harvest festival recipes are prepared from the new harvested fruits and grains. Of all the dishes, the preparation of rice delicacies is particularly observed as the customary harvest festival food in every region.

Traditional Harvest Festival Recipes

Traditionally, in the ancient times, farmers prepared simple loaves of bread, as harvest festival food, from the freshly harvested wheat crop. These breads were offered as the communion bread in the Church so as to thank the almighty for the harvest. The traditional harvest festival food of Korea is Songphyun, preparation of rice, sesame seeds, beans and chestnuts. In India, dishes that are served as customary harvest festival recipes are coconut rice, Avial, Rava pongal and more. In the rest of the regions, the serve of dishes made from the freshly harvested fruits and vegetables is the customary tradition of the festival.

Significance Of The Traditional Harvest Recipes

Harvest festival is a highly celebrated occasion, especially for the peasants. Traditionally, the harvest festival food is prepared from the fresh harvest and is first offered to God as a mark of thanking him for blessing the peasant and his family with the new harvest.