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Fresh food is any food had within short interval of its preparation or harvesting under natural conditions. It can either be cooked or raw food. Cooked food remains fresh within few hours or minutes of its preparation and hence must be consumed within the time interval. Similarly raw food too stays fresh for a short while since it has been harvested. In both the cases freshness can be extended for a little more time through refrigeration. Generally fresh food is not preserved through techniques such as canning or smoking. Fresh food is flavourful, easily digestible and is rich in nutritive properties which may otherwise be lost under the influence of atmospheric conditions. Popular fresh recipes include Fresh Peach Cobbler Dessert, fresh pesto pasta, Fresh Aloe Vera & Orange Juice, Mascarpone Brulee with Fresh Berries and Chilled cucumber soup with yogurt and fresh mint.

History of Fresh Food Recipes

The history or origin of fresh food can be dated back to prehistoric times, when man knew not how to preserve food. Anything that was found edible would be had in raw or uncooked form and obviously in a fresh state. In ancient days, fresh fruits, milk and honey used to be the exotic food indulgences of kings and queens including Alexander and Cleopatra. In 1652, The Dutch East India Company established a refreshment station at the Cape in order to supply its ships with fresh food and water on their journeys to and from the East and to prevent its arch-rival, the English East India Company, from doing a similar act.

Popular Fresh food Dishes from Different Cuisines

  • Chinese cuisine there is a varied range of Fresh food had over different course of meals. Preferred fresh food dishes in Chinese cuisine include the ones made from fresh- meat, fish and seafood, pulses, vegetables, starchy roots, fruits, nuts, eggs, etc.
  • American fresh food habits are interesting as vegetables, meat and fruits are consumed based on seasonal preferences. For instance, in January cabbage, cauliflower, celeriac, forced rhubarb, leeks, parsnips, turnip, shallots and squash are the preferred vegetables and fruits while goose, lobster and scallops are the meats.
  • Similarly European cuisine has a range of fresh food options including meat, fruits and vegetables. European salads and sandwiches are varied made from fresh food ingredients including- fresh fruits, vegetables, dressings, fresh boiled eggs, fresh cream, etc.

Preparation and Commercial Availability of Fresh food Recipes

Fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables and meat are available in supermarkets or food stores. Fresh fruits and vegetables can either be grown at home and consumed.

Interest Based Dishes Trivia

  • Eating fresh food is good for health as they are rich in nutrition.
  • Canned foods are short of a few of the original fresh food nutrients.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables for space missions especially over a spacecraft are loaded 16 to 24 hours prior to launch and on-orbit shelf life is two to three days for most items because there is no refrigerator.
  • Canned foods are much dearer than fresh foods.