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Fancy food is food that is special and different from the normal everyday fare. Fancy recipes are usually a party favorite and include different types of dishes which have novel characteristics. Fancy foods are often decorated lavishly and designed uniquely. For example, gingerbread men, butterfly cake, fancy Christmas cake are all different types of fancy foods that are prepared for festivals and special occasions. Fancy food is often a favorite of children.

Some fancy foods are quite expensive owing to the usage of costly material for decorating or flavoring the food. Some fancy foods are easily prepared by using items that are available for everyday usage innovatively.

Preparation of Fancy Foods
Fancy food preparation is different from the preparation of normal food. Here are certain points that should be borne in mind before the preparation of fancy foods:
• According to popular fancy recipes, the preparation of fancy food requires the usage of delicate cooking methods and the usage of special equipment for the preparation of the food. The prescribed equipment should only be used for preparation of fancy food as usage of other equipments may not result in accurate results. Some times the preparation of the food may be a complete failure due to non-usage of the correct equipment, though the rest of the procedure for the preparation of the item is followed accurately.
• The preparation and presentation of fancy edibles may take considerable expertise.
• The dishes which are presented may not be widely known. However, the preparations should be unique and appealing enough to attract the attention of people the very first time they have it.
• Cooking of fancy food should b done with special care as the delicateness of the dish is its most important factor. The recipe instructions and guidelines should be followed with utmost car to yield best results.
• As fancy foods are delicate preparations they may be affected by the temperature, humidity and other related factors of preparation. The guidelines for such preparations should be followed precisely if present.
• When preparing a fancy food for the first time, it is better to keep some time in margin as most probably it will not be prepared perfectly the first time. When preparing for parties, it is advisable to try a fancy food beforehand to perfect its preparation.
• Presentation of fancy foods is as important as its preparation. The food, though prepared tasty should be very appealing visually. Rather fancy foods are essentially made to look fancy. They should be decorated well and presented in appropriate utensils. Fruit purees, mint leaves, chocolate sauce are all used for garnishing fancy food.

Fancy desserts, fancy appetizers, fancy pasta, fancy hot dogs, fancy brownies, green beans and chicken salad are all different types of fancy recipes. Fancy foods are a favorite of children and they are often prepared for birthday parties of kids. Fancy foods are also prepared for weddings and other special occasions. Food artists and chefs spend a considerable amount of time and effort in designing and preparing fancy recipes.