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Easy recipes are food items that can be cooked without too much of preparation or fuss. Ingredients that are easily available or can be altered are one of the fundamental requirements when it comes to easy food. Every culture has a few easy food recipes of its own which can be prepared by a novice cook. The easy recipes usually come in handy for people who are short of time or who do not have the patience and skill to try out elaborate recipes. Kids can also be trained to prepare the easy recipes themselves especially when they are keen to learn cooking. Preparation of easy food does not depend on standard or fixed easy food recipes as they are often put together with a variety of ingredients that are most easily available.

Soups and salads that can be prepared within minutes can also be termed as easy recipes as the popular Chinese stir fry vegetables. However, not all easy food recipes can be called healthy as quite a number of them can also double up as fast foods or easy food stuffs that can be called comfort foods.

History Of Easy Food Recipes

The origin of easy recipes cannot be traced back to a common date or place. Each culture has its own favorite easy food recipe which has originated over a long period of time according to necessity.

Soups, salads and fries are usually considered to be easy recipes across USA.

The sandwich is yet another of the easy food recipes which ranges from a few thinly cut slivers of cucumbers put inside two slices of bread to the most elaborate meat preparations cradled between breads. The name comes from John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich who had a habit of eating meat ensconced within a couple of slices of bread.

The French turned the potato into a variety of easy recipes of which the pommes de terre of French fried fritters remain popular.

Popular Easy Food Recipes From Different Cuisines

Practically every country in the world has its own form of easy food recipe. While many countries in Europe and a few in Asia share some of the easy food recipes, there are several special dishes that remain confined to the population of a particular country. The United States of America, on the other hand has adopted a number of such easy recipes from all across the world which have now been Americanized according to the local taste. Some of the most popular easy food items across the world that can be prepared by following the easy recipes are:-

• Brazilian- Most of the easy recipes are prepared by using palm oil, black beans, pineapples and coffee. Some of the favored easy food products in the area are Empandinhas, Quibe and potato salads.

• Chinese- Easy food recipes from China are extremely popular with the stir fries, wontons and sweet and sour dishes gaining ground in far flung off places. Spring vegetable rolls and noodles are a firm favorite with many while the Chinese spare ribs is considered to be of American origin created by Chinese immigrants.

• Egyptian- Soup, veal and lamb recipes along with the fava beans falafel are the traditional easy food items. The rice pilaf is a mild dish which can be considered as one of the many easy recipes abounding in the region.

• German- Marinated sausages, potatoes in black sauce and Rhine style mussels are the firm favorites when it comes to the easy food recipes of this region.

• Indian- The traditional curries and small fritters of vegetables known as pakodas make the tastiest easy food products. Brown rice and lentils can also serve as comfort foods which can be cooked by following the traditional easy recipes from India.

• Mexican- Tacos, Nachos and Guacamoles are strong favorites as easy food recipes as are the famous Mexican chilies. Bean salads, frijoles with tortilla chips can be prepared without fuss which makes them attain the status of easy food items as well.

• French- Onion soup, Salad Lyonnaise and the ever popular French fries can be considered as easy recipes although most of the French recipes tend to be elaborate requiring long preparation times.

• UK- The easy recipes of Britain are not confined to sandwiches and eggs. Shepherd’s pie, roast potato and the Yorkshire pudding can be prepared easily without having to go through the trouble of obtaining exotic ingredients.

• USA- The easy recipes from America are an amalgamation of recipes from across the world with hotdogs, burgers, chips, tarts and pork chops being included within them. The Pizza is an Italian delicacy but is equally popular in USA while the Mexican dishes along with the traditional American Indian recipes have also been popularized in specific parts of the country.

Preparation And Commercial Availability Of Easy Recipes

A number of ready to make mixes and canned beverages are available commercially in the United States along with the other countries of the world. These easy recipes can be prepared by adding the specified amount of water and heating up the entire concoction as instructed. Some of the most popular dishes that can be prepared with the commercially available easy recipes are:-

• Snacks- Ready to make mixes for cookies, pretzels, chips and crackers.

• Sweets- Easy recipes for cakes, pastries and tarts along with other types of confections.

• Breakfast Items- A number of cereals along with pancake mixes are included within the easy recipes too.

• Meals- Traditional easy recipes for making whole meals include Jambalaya mix, Zatarains Bake for Crisp Pork and Betty Crocker range of mixes.

• Soups- Canned soups are available at almost every store across USA. They form one of the most easy recipes that can be filling and nutritious at the same time.

Easy Recipes: Trivia

Eating food at a specified time by sitting at the dining table has become a thing of past. Most Americans prefer to eat food prepared according to the easy recipes at ballparks, car parking lots and in front of their computers.