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Autumn is a season when leaves are falling down but it is a season of fruits and vegetables too. Autumn is a season when temperature is dipping and hearty foods are replacing the light summery foods. Warm foods are in greater demand in the autumn and there are many special autumn dishes that gives a warm feeling. It is very necessary to eat according to the season as it gives extra health benefits and enjoyable too.

Main Foods in autumn

In summer season, watery foods are eaten in abundance but autumn is the season to eat dry vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and all kinds of seeds. Pumpkin, garlic, gourds and all kind of squashes, sweet potato and yam are the main autumn vegetables. Blackberry, plum, apples and parsnips are the fruits that are mainly eaten in autumn season. Dry-fruits like walnuts, sunflower seeds and melon seeds are also highly consumed in autumn. Sweet corns and leek are also the main feature of autumn season.

Autumn dishes

Seafood dishes are the main attraction of the autumn season. Mackerel, mussel and other kinds of fishes constitutes the autumn dishes. Tomato based sauces are very popular in autumn season and consumed in abundance. Baked pumpkin, baked aubergines, pumpkin and chestnut soup and tomato cheese fondue are some of the popular autumn dishes well-liked in all cuisines.

Autumn Festivals

Autumn is the season of festivals and celebrations. Main celebration days are Thanksgiving, Halloween, Lohri (India) and Diwali (India). All these festivals are famous for the food and traditional recipes. Thanksgiving and Halloween are famous for the special recipes and mostly includes autumn fruits and vegetables. Diwali is one of the main festivals in India. Diwali traditional sweets are famous worldwide.