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Aphrodisiac food refers to a class of food items that are known to enhance the sexual performance of human beings and help in the stimulation of sex drive. Aphrodisiac foods may affect the sexual performance in a direct or indirect manner. It may enhance fertility or growth in direct manner by virtue of its nutritional properties or in a suggestive manner. Aphrodisiac recipes are known to make sex more pleasurable, although there is no scientific proof of a direct increase in libido because of aphrodisiac dishes, it is considered to be more suggestive in nature. Different types of Aphrodisiac foods include dishes made using various types of ingredients such as Artichokes, Aniseed, Dark Chocolate, Celery and Saffron.


The word Aphrodisiac originated from Aphrodite, who was the Greek goddess for love and sexuality. Aphrodite is said to have emerged from the sea, on top of an oyster, which was considered the first aphrodisiac food. Slowly, with the advent of time, a huge list of ingredients was formed, which could be used to prepare aphrodisiac recipes. Ingredients such as bananas and figs are suggestive and visually stimulate sexual tendencies as they bear resemblance to the sex organs. Ingredients like chilies and ginger which contain certain nutrients such as endorphinsknown to stimulate the sex drive, form the basis of aphrodisiac dishes.

Popular Aphrodisiac Dishes from Different Cuisines

Aphrodisiac dishes are popular in many cuisines, and various types of aphrodisiac ingredients such as asparagus, dates, oysters, coffee, berries and other herbs are used to prepare aphrodisiac dishes in different countries, the ingredients depending on local availability. Hot Chocolate, Curried Oysters, Pussy Foot Cocktail, Strawberry Crush and Love Potion Sorbet are all examples of popular aphrodisiac foods.

Preparation and Commericial Avialability

The basic idea behind the aphrodisiac food recipes is to prepare food that looks, smells and feels so sensually appetizing that it makes one inclined to have sex. Aphrodisiac recipes can be prepared easily at home by acquiring the ingredients and cooking and serving them in a romantic and sensual ambience. The surroundings, crockery used and the presentation of the food all play an important role in enhancing the aphrodisiac levels of the food. Aphrodisiac foods are also served commercially in restaurants as part of romantic candle-light dinners. The most popular aphrodisiac dishes on the menu include raw oysters, strawberries combined with chocolate syrup, shrimp and caviar recipes, which are served in most restaurants offering aphrodisiac food and can also be prepared at home.

Aphrodisiac Dishes: Trivia

  • Artichoke was known to be an aphrodisiac food which helped ensure that a woman would give birth to a male.
  • Aphrodisiacs emerged more due to a need to ensure fertility than a way to enhance sexual performance.
  • Mint has been controversial as an aphrodisiac as Hippocrates believed it to be a cause for the loss in libido.
  • Greeks had a belief that any food that has the capacity to induce gases in the body was an aphrodisiac.