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Anytime Food

Anytime food, as the name explains, are petite snacks that can be eaten almost any time of the day, be it, lunch, breakfast or dinner. These foods are simpler to cook as they do not require any time-consuming cooking methods for their preparation. Most of the anytime foods require just one basic ingredient and minimal cooking utensils for their preparation. Anytime food is mostly enjoyed by young working professionals who love quick snacking while working! The intake of quick snackers, in form of anytime food, is used to quench small hunger pangs before lunch and dinner.

History of Anytime Foods

The concept of anytime food is believed to be an outcome of the modern times when there is hardly any time for relishing the requisite three meals. Understanding the need for frequent snacking by working professionals , many food companies started producing ready-made or quick to make anytime foods, which could be prepared within minutes.

Popular Anytime Foods From Different Cuisines

Indian cuisines offer a wide variety in anytime food like Poha (a preparation of flaked rice) Upma, Dhokla, vada paav, sabudana vada, vegetable cutlets and more.

Idonesian- Pisang sale (roasted and fried banana), chocolate muisjes, Mile sedap, Orie-Mie ( Fried noodles), curly noodles

European- Pierogi, cookies, pastry, Germal Hazelnut rings, Finska Pinnar, Dutch shortbreads, chocolate ginger bars, almond crescents, meringue kisses, Swedish fruit squares, angel pillows, butter drop Ins,

American- Begel crisps, sausage bagel, baked beans, sausage casserole, backon begel, egg salad, toasted bagel

Most of the anytime food are popularly available commercially. However, since the ingredient requirement and cooking time for the above recipes is short, one may prepare snacks like Indian rice preparations, cereal preparations, noodles, salads conveniently at home as well.