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How to make Iced Tea?

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One of the best things about a long hard summer day is the long glass of cold and refreshing iced tea at the end of it! Iced tea has been my ambrosia for years now and it was recently that I discovered that June is the National Iced Tea month! Making iced tea is not rocket science, but a glass of homemade iced tea can do wonders for you! Here is how to make iced tea!


Iced TEa

1.Measurement for Iced tea- If you want to make eight cups of iced tea, use ten to fifteen good quality tea bags depending on how strong you like it. I like it strong so I use up to 13 tea bags.


2.Bring to boil the water with a pinch of baking soda. Make sure that the water you use for the iced tea doesn’t taste funny!


3. Put the Tea Bags in a pitcher and once the water is boiling, remove the vessel from the flame and pour the hot water over them. Try and use a container that is heat proof.


4. Keep the tea bags only for 5 min as over-steeping can draw out too much tannin and make teh Iced tea bitter. The baking soda will reduce the bitterness, but obviously, the idea is not to steep the it too much!


5.Remove the tea bags. Now it is time to and sweeten and flavor your iced tea! You can add sugar, but I use syrup to sweeten my glass of iced tea as it mixes faster! Add a little lemon juice to enhance the taste.


6. You can add some cloves and make a unique and refreshing glass of Citrus Iced Tea. Though if you want to make Lemon Mint Tea then you have to add the mint leaves before boiling the water! You can also add a few cups of apple juice to your iced tea when you are adding herbs to your iced tea to sweeten it.


7.You can even experiment by adding different types of fruit juice to your iced tea. My favorite is the Minty Grape Tea.


8. Allow the tea to reach room temperature and then keep it in the refrigerator for an hour  to chill. Pour into long glasses and add the ice cubes. Dont refrigerate the iced tea when it is hot  as it will get cloudy.


Enjoy your Iced Tea!!

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How To Make Iced Tea?