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Vegetarian diet lowers overall cancer risk

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What was a long held belief is now finally proved by medical researchers. A balanced vegetarian diet lowers the overall risk of all kinds of cancer. 

British researchers analysed data from 52,700 men and women which showed that those who were on a vegetarian diet had significantly fewer incidents of cancer than those who ate red meat.

It is a known fact that for a balanced and green diet, one should include five portions of fruits and vegetables in one’s food each day for a lowering the risk of cancer and other diseases.

However researchers found a higher incidence of colorectal cancer in vegetarians which was earlier considered associated with the intake of red meat.

Still the general finding points to an overall less risk of cancer for people who are on a vegetarian diet. Fish eaters also show the same low cancer risk pattern

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That is very true. But again, not all meat diet contributes to cancer i believe; in fact, certain cuts of chicken, although not red meat, is considered to be healthy and even those are proven too. I think what most contributes to cancer and such other diseases is mainly the cooking methods, use of ingredients and the like. But i am not completely denying the fact that you have discussed here, vegetarianism indeed is the way to a healthy life. In fact I was considering the reverse for the non-veggies ;)
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I agree. Vegetarianism is the key to a good and healthy life. Nothing has its gaurantee but it has actually been found by research that our colon and digestive system is not suitable for digesting meat. It was always meant for green food...
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thanks for posting prezi... what do you mean by reverse for non-veggies? Im actually a convert to vegetarianism. I feel really good after the switch. its not like i don't get the craving for meat at times. but when i do i grab something equally tempting on a veg menu and you know...its all about the taste. give yourself something that interests your taste buds and the craving generally goes away :)
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I love veggies best of all and grains too! However, contrary to vegan-based reviews or commentaries, people following a strict vegetarian diet are not healthier than their omnivorous counterparts. In fact, on average, they suffer from as many, or more medical complaints as compared to non-vegetarian individuals, who include meat or eggs in their diet. It is key to eat enough protein! Informative artical: I believe in a well balanced varied diet that is low in fats (olive oil is great), many veggies and fruits, plus seafood and fowl. I eat very little "meat" but enjoy lamb, goat, game, pork and ocassionally a little beef. Balanced is the key IMHO That all being said I could easily eat only fresh veggies from my garden! Shanti/Mary-Anne
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soy protein, it has been proved is the best source of protein available.. its wholesome and has all the essential amino acids too. coupled with milk. it is d complete protein u need.. so much so that even Amway's protein supplement has soy and milk as ingredients!
Vegetarian Diet Lowers Overall Cancer Risk