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How to check an egg is fresh?- without breaking it open

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Eggs are an important ingredient that I always have on hand. My refrigerator would always have a regular supply of eggs whether it is for my baking experiments or for a quick snack. Dinner ideas with eggs too interest me – probably due to the fast to cook good to eat factor.


Eggs are wholesome food. A good source of protein they are surely ones to be added to the diet of growing children and also those involved in high levels of activity. Eggs are one that I always have ready, just reach out and I need to have them for sure. I am sure most of you agree with me. An easy to cook nutritious meal. However, sometimes when the eggs in the refrigerator are there for some time without you realizing then the case of doubt emerges. If by chance I have forgotten about the poor eggs in the refrigerator and not put them to good use then I am left wondering whether they are fresh to be consumed or not.


powered by Initially I would have to break each of the eggs and then either be happy or disappointed depending on the results within. But I would still have to break each one of them to find out. How to check an egg is fresh without having to break them and suffer the smell or stink of a bad egg or see those black dotted shells is one exploration that I decided to make.


Would you too like to find out a simple easy way on how to check an egg is fresh and all this without breaking it and suffering the trauma that exists within.Here is how to do it. All you need is a bowl of water. Gently dropping your egg into this bowl of water would let you in on the egg’s secret. How? Yes, that is what I wondered initially but then once it was clear then it all looked so simple and easy.

Take a bowl of water and drop in the egg gently into it. Does your egg sink or float? If you egg sank there is reason to be happy FRESH it is. However, if it floats to the surface then you can dispose it off immediately. The reason behind this simple magic trick is the air within the egg shell. Eggs that have been stored for a long while would have a lot of air within the shell which results in them floating.

Impress you partner and friends with this simple egg trick and enjoy the surprised look. Unravel the secret or just keep them guessing!!

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How To Check An Egg Is Fresh?- Without Breaking It Open