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How To Separate An Egg ?

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Separated egg

Have you ever wanted to separate an egg yolk from the white and found yourself at a total loss? I remember the first time I was trying to bake a cake and the recipe required separating the egg yolk and white, I was a little perplexed and wondered how it could be done. Experience is the best teacher so I have discovered and of course necessity can get you thinking , learning and doing just about anything or say everything.


Eggs are a versatile ingredient and for me I always have my stock of eggs ready in my refrigerator. Whether it is for a quick sandwich, baking a cake, devilled eggs or for a sweet dessert (desserts are a hard to resist one for me). Eggs are so easy to make and quick so even after a long day at work just grabbing some eggs can be my answer to a wholesome bite. A tasty sandwich with a salad can be filling and healthy. Some recipes however, require that the yolk be separated from the white and beaten separately. Separating it and adding surely makes its own difference in the texture and taste of the dish and so there is surely no compromising on that. Taste is one thing that I just don’t believe in compromising on.


Getting down to how to separate an egg requires a little practice I did say. Getting the technique of breaking the egg right is the main thing.

1- Take the egg and crack it right from the center hitting against the table top or the edge of a bowl. A sharp surface would ensure that it would break right. It should come clean and no wavy uneven surfaces for separating. The uneven surfaces could mean that you could get bits of the egg shell into your liquid and then it would be a sheer waste of time and effort eliminating that.

2- Next hold the egg upright and with a little pressure applied on the crack, price the egg open. Go light on the egg or if you are a beginner it might just crumble in your hands.

3- You now have in one hand a half with the liquids and in the other hand the empty shell. Slowly pour the egg white into a bowl. Let it flow and then what you have left in your egg shell now is only the yolk. Things to remember would be to use fresh eggs. It is easier to separate the yolk and the white with fresh eggs that are refrigerated.

Now that you have the key to separating an egg, all those desserts and cakes that you have been putting away with a heavy heart are all possible. Do let me know all that you could actually get going with this.


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How To Separate An Egg ?