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Is Wine vegetarian?

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Although wine usually contains only grapes, yeast and a small amount of sulphites, which are added and created during fermentation, the processing of wine introduces small amount of substances not acceptable to vegetarians and vegans. Every wine is different and no uniform formula exists for producing them. A clarifying or fining agent makes wine clear by removing proteins from it. If left in the wine, thest proteins would denature and form long molecule strands. That would result in wine to be hazy or having loose sediments floating in it. The agents eventually settle out of the wine. Different proteins serve as clarifying agents depending upon both the type of wine and the desired flavour. Alcohol, Beer, Ale, and Wines are made with Fish glue, Pepsin, Peptone, Lactic acid, Lactose, Glycerin, Gelatin, Egg white, Albumin, Isinglass lactic acid, and / or malo-lactic bacteria.

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Is Wine Vegetarian?