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Going Above and Beyond the Shaker

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Beyond the Shaker...As the name implies, this company, founded by husband and wife team Scott and Sarah Rousseau, goes above and beyond the traditional salt and spices that we've been accustomed to using in our everyday cooking. Their premium salts focus on delivering powerful flavors that are woven into each jar of their premium products. With such a wide variety to choose from, Beyond the Shaker has taken an entirely new and innovative approach to creating unique seasonings that can be used for everything from steaks to soups to vegetables.


Beyond the Shaker’s unique aim is to make all-natural sea salts from around the world available for foodies like us to use when cooking at home. Not only do they specialize in natural sea salts, but Beyond the Shaker also offers a line of gourmet blends that are hand-crafted and are paired with premium organic and sustainable ingredients. Scott and Sarah work to educate their customers by including recommendations for the uses of each of their salts as well as recipes, both of which are available online at: Their packaging is elegant and refined, which corresponds nicely with the product you expect to find in their beautiful glass jars. Each premium blend of salts and seasonings serves to provide impeccable flavor to everything you cook in your kitchen.

Having using these salts ourselves, we can attest to the flavorful attributes they bring to your food. Since it’s Fall and soup season is now underway, we decided to try these salts out at home by making a batch of butternut squash and sweet potato soup. After looking over a few of the varieties they offer, we decided to try the Chanterelle Vanilla flavored salt blend and a little olive oil to season our vegetables prior to roasting. Using about 2 tbs. of this premium salt and a few drizzles of olive oil, we gave our vegetables a nice even coat. After 45 minutes in the oven, these veggies were ready to go and they were delicious! The subtle undertones of vanilla and maple sugar from the Chanterelle Vanilla blend gave the sweet potatoes and butternut squash some of the traditional flavors you’d expect when preparing these vegetables, but did so without overpowering them.

Once the veggies were combined with the remaining ingredients and pureed, you can see that our end result was a luscious, velvety soup that was loaded with flavor. We topped off each individual portion of soup with a dash of the Cyprus Black Lava salt and a drizzle of olive oil. Not only did the Cyprus Black Lava salt provide as a beautiful garnish to the soup but it also added the perfect extra bite of saltiness we were looking for to balance the added flavors of thyme and turmeric. We had plenty leftover for lunches and dinner that week and were even able to give some to our friends!


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Going Above And Beyond The Shaker