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Using Soy Flour

Although soy flour hasn’t found its way into many family kitchens, it is used extensively by the food industry. Here are some ways to use it at home.

Made from roasted soybeans ground into a fine powder, soy flour is rich in high-quality protein. Use it to thicken gravies and cream sauces, to make homemade soymilk or for baking. Soy flour keeps baked goods from becoming stale and adds a rich colour, fine texture, tenderness and moistness. In fried foods like doughnuts, soy flour reduces the amount of fat that is absorbed by the dough. Using about 15% soy flour in a recipe produces a moist, dense bread with a nutty flavour. Just place two tablespoons in your measuring cup before measuring the flour called for in the recipe.

The benefits of Soy Beans are known to one and all. Soy Flour, which is derived from soy beans is very versatile especially when it comes to baked and fried goodies. Did you know soy flour added to donuts helps it to absorb less fat when fried? Learn many more such interesting facts about soy in this video.

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Using Soy Flour Video