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About Mascarpone

Appreciated because of its natural flavour, mascarpone is not a cheese but rather the result of a culture being added to the cream skimmed off the milk, used in the production of Parmesan.

Mascarpone has a light cream colour and a satin-like texture with a rich yet subtle and a slightly buttery-tangy flavour. It can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes and is probably most well-known as a major ingredient of the Italian coffee trifle, tiramisu. Mascarpone is also an excellent alternative to double cream served with macerated berries or poached fruit. For something savoury stir mascarpone into pasta with roasted peppers, anchovies, capers and chopped fresh parsley. Always keep mascarpone in its original container in the refrigerator. Freezing is not recommended.

Mascarpone is a versatile cheese that can do justice to both desserts and savoury dishes. Get a quick run down on mascarpone in this video. Next time you head to the cheese aisle in your grocery store, stock up on this luscious and velvetty cheese which will help you whip up great dishes in no time.Oh Yes, it by itself with a little honey and nuts will leave you licking the spoon for quite some time.

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About Mascarpone Video