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Recipes with Yuja (Asian Citron)

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Yuja, also called Yuzu in Japanese, is a very exotic ingredient to most Westerners. It's a citrus fruit that shares a kinship with lemons.
Most Koreans consume Yuja in one form: as a drink. I want to expand the yuja's culinary use beyond the ubiquitous hot drink known as yujacha. So far, I have posted 7 different recipes at Koreafornian cooking using the lemony yuja as the primary flavor.

Tammy Quackenbush talks about the uses of the fruit Yuja, a citrus fruit predominantly used in Asian cooking. It is a close cousin of the lemon, yet it has a distinct flavor of its own. Incorporating in savory and sweet dishes can be a good way of using it. Hear Tammy talk about recipe ideas with Yuja in this video.

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Recipes With Yuja (Asian Citron) Video