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Soaking Nuts and Seeds for Maximum Nutrition

Many of you may already be enjoying nuts and seeds as a snack or an adjunct to your already healthy lifestyle. But did you know that unless you soak them, you may not be enjoying all the amazing benefits contained within those nuts? Today I’ll be sharing with you the best way to prep nuts to maximize your absorption of their protein and healthy fats and that is through soaking them first. Tune in to check out how to do it, how long you should soak them for and the best way to prep them so they come out tasting like your usual dry-roasted nut, but a much healthier version!

Getting nuts is fun only sometimes, but indulging rightfully in them is very good. Staying healthy with a fistful of well-prepared nuts gives all the goodness that one needs and in this video Barbara Mendez gives information on reaping the best benefits out of nuts and seeds that can be good as just snacks, protein sources or anything you like by way of soaking them properly.

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Soaking Nuts And Seeds For Maximum Nutrition Video