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Top 5 Herbs And Spices Of Thailand

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Thai spicesThai cuisine is world famous for its subtle use of spices and herbs. This food caters to the world palate because of the magic created by the  herbs and spices of Thailand which include:- 


1) Ma-Krut (Kaffir Lime)


The leaves of this plant are used to garnish various Thai curries, soups as well as salads. The juice of kaffir lime is also used as an appetizer. Besides, the leaves and peels are also pressed into a volatile oil, which is used for various purposes, including culinary.


2) Sa ra nae (Mint)


Used in meat dishes, the fresh mint leaves are popular for their strong fragrance and flavor. Some Thai dishes also incorporate the use of raw mint leaves, which are not only beneficial in case of indigestion, but are also mildly antiseptic and diaphoretic.


3) Ta-khral (Lemon Grass)


This herb is mainly used to season Thai soups and curry pastes. Lemon grass is not only diuretic but anti-flatulent as well.


4) Phrik Thai (Pepper)


This spice and condiment is a favorite of Thai cooks, especially in case of Thai curries. The major benefits of pepper include carminative, antipyretic, and diuretic. Apart from curries, this spice is also used to flavor salads, soups, and drinks.


5) Kha (Galangal)


These are roots, used in preparation of curry pastes as well as soups. The Galangal has therapeutic, anti-rheumatic, and anti-microbial uses.


Other Commonly Used Thai Spices

  • Kra-tiam (Garlic) 
  • Phrik (Chillies)
  • Khing (Ginger)
  • Ka Thi (Coconut Milk).


So, what are you waiting for? Get started on a Thai dinner tonight!


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Top 5 Herbs And Spices Of Thailand