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Top Spices Of Mexico

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Mexican spicesThe first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Mexican food is the salsa, which, no doubt, is a confluence of the spices of Mexico. However, there is much more to Mexican spices than just salsa, taco, burrito, etc. Read on to know more:


1) Chili Powder


This is one of the most popular spices of Mexico, which gives the Mexican dishes an irreplaceable flavor. The chili powder used in Mexican cooking is actually a blend of dried and powdered chilis as well as cumin, and oregano. Chili powder is mainly used to season meats and vegetables. Other variants of chili powder used in Mexican cooking are chipotle and ancho.


2) Cumin


Used in powdered and whole form, cumin is an integral part of Mexican cooking. Its use is historic in Mexico and it is popular among Mexican cooks because it lends a toasty, somewhat bitter, taste to the food.


3) Oregano


Oregano is favored by Mexican cooks because of the earthy flavor it brings to the food. This spice brings a classic touch to the food and works best with tomato-based dishes.


4) Epazote


This one is a lesser known spice of Mexico and it is mainly used to flavor beans, which are a staple. The best thing about this spice is that it counters any kind of intestinal discomfort that may come with consuming beans.


Mexican cuisine is basically a result of smart use of spices. If you want to recreate the Mexican flavor in your kitchen, be ready to play with some or all of the spices of Mexico.


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Top Spices Of Mexico