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Top Spices of Spain

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Spanish spicesSpanish cooking is synonymous with spices, which lend the food its characteristic flavor. Be it a pinch of salt, chili peppers, or garlic, every spice has a role to play in Spanish cooking. If you are interested in making Spanish dishes at home, it is important that you know all about the spices of Spain, which are:


1) Paprika


This is the most famous Spanish spice, which is used to give a deep red color to the dishes. From traditional chorizo to chicken dishes, paprika weaves its magic everywhere.


2) Cayenne


Used to give dishes a hot flavor, this pepper is instrumental in curing of chorizo and salchichon. The smaller variety of this pepper, “guindilla,” is used in traditional Spanish dishes and the larger variety, “ñoras,” which is relatively sweeter, is used in slightly savory dishes.


3) Garlic


Known as ajo in Spanish, garlic is one of the most important spices added to Spanish dishes. Plaited strings of garlic can be seen hanging in the Spanish kitchens and shops and are used for breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes.


4) Saffron


You cannot imagine Spanish paella without the saffron. This spice is used to impart a beautiful yellow color and a sweet aroma to the Spanish cuisine. Although an expensive spice, it is used nevertheless to give an exotic touch to everyday cuisine.


5) Cinnamon


This is one of the oldest spices to be used in Spanish cooking and is popular for its sweet flavor and earthy fragrance. It is used to enhance the flavor of both savory as well as sweet dishes.


6) Cloves


From soups to stews, sauces to desserts, cloves are used in every Spanish dish. Used whole or in ground form, these impart aroma and an intense flavor to the Spanish cuisine.


The spices of Spain are used to impart a perfect setting to the elaborate Spanish cooking and if you want to recreate the same at home, you know what to refer to.


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Top Spices Of Spain