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Top 5 Spices Of Singapore

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SpicesSingapore has been an important trade center for spices because of its proximity to the culinary hotspots like India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China. Besides the regular coriander and cumin, there are many other spices of Singapore, which the Singaporean cooks use specially fried in oil or butter before adding other ingredients. Here is a list of spices popularly used in Singapore:


1) Nutmeg


Derived from the seed of the nutmeg tree, nutmeg is used in ground or grated form and it is best used when fresh. The major uses of nutmeg in Singaporean cuisine include adding it to spice cakes, oxtail soup, and different stews.


2) Clove


The spice comes from the small, unopened bud of clove tree flower and is mostly used in savory dishes. Most of the Singaporean recipes call for whole cloves rather than clove powder.


3) Cumin


Derived from the cumin fruit, this spice is strongly aromatic and its fragrance can further be changed by frying or toasting it. In the Singaporean cuisine, it is mostly used with coriander.


4) Cardamom


Known for its intense flavor, cardamom is used in dishes that require to emanate strong flavor. Though expensive, this spice is used in limited quantity and its flavor comes from the seed pods and seeds.


5) Coriander


Singaporean cuisine cannot do without fresh coriander leaves although some recipes also call for powdered coriander too. Its mild flavor goes well with dark Singaporean curries as well as the fried oyster omelet, eaten with relish in Singapore.


The spices of Singapore are a source to peep into the rich culture and cuisine of the place. If you want to raise the Singaporean taste in your cooking, you know now what to use and how. And if you are wondering how to use all these spices in your cooking, here is a recipe from ifood.


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Top 5 Spices Of Singapore