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Top 5 Spices Of Australia

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Wattle SeedThe spices of Australia are true representatives of its history and culture. These spices, which are today used extensively in and outside Australian homes, also speak of the historical journey of settlement and resettlement throughout this country. Embark on this journey with a brief description of the popular Australian spices:


1) Wattle Seed


This spice is popularly used in seed form and roasted. It has a hazelnut-like flavor and it is used to spice up dishes, especially those cooked under the bushfood cuisine.


2) Lemon Myrtle


One of the most popular bushfood flavors, this spice is often referred to as the “Queen of lemon herbs” and is used in dried form. Its uses are various and you can use it to flavor bread, pasta, fish, tea, and milk-based foods too.


3) Broad-Leaved Peppermint Lemon Myrtle


Its name comes from its leaves, which are ovate and aromatic. This spice is mainly used in the form of oil derived from the leaves and it has been used to flavor food ever since the colonial times in Australia.


4) Lemon Ironbark


The lemon Ironbark tree is known for its rough bark, which gives an oil, popular for its fruity-lemon fragrance. Mostly used as bushfood spice, the leaf of this tree is used in cooking like bay leaf.


5) Anethole


This aromatic spice is again used in the form of oil. It has multiple uses in the kitchen as well as the industry.


This brief round up on the spices of Australia is enough for you to start loading up on them and start using them in your cooking, to bring out that aboriginal flavor.


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Top 5 Spices Of Australia