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Top 8 Spices Of Canada

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Canadian spices The spices of Canada are used in a variety of forms, whether whole, ground, oils or oleoresins. Besides increasing the flavor of a dish, the Canadian spices also enhance the health of the eater. Here is a low down on these spices for your eyes only:


1. Cardamom


Used to make cookies and sweet breads, this spice is a culinary delight. It is also used to stuff fish before baking it but in smaller quantities.


2. Celery


Also  known as a medicinal plant, this spice is generally added to soups and stocks. This spice contains a well known anti-ulcer agent, which makes it ideal to be used while cooking for ulcer patients.


3. Cinnamon


A very old spice, cinnamon is mainly used to prepare marinades, baked items, roast lamb, apple strudel, and puddings. This wonderful spice is a good way to upgrade a regular dish with its aromatic presence.


4. Cloves


This spice is famous for its distinct smell and taste. It goes very well with cabbage dishes, marinades, and sauces. You can also be use cloves to prepare sweet puddings, and bakery items.


5. Coriander


Although it has a bitter taste but coriander lends a fragrance as well as a distinct smell to the dish to which it is added. You can use coriander leaves as well as in the dried, powdered form to add flavor to your salads, sauces, meat, fish, and sandwiches.




This spice is perfect for being used in dishes made with fish, sauces, and soups. Fennel lends a pleasant scent when used as a preservative while in medicinal terms, this spice helps in improving appetite and digestion.


6. Marjoram


The spice adds scent to a dish, especially when used to cook soups, salads, sauces, and vegetables. When used to prepare gherkins, pickled tomatoes, and vegetable marrows, marjoram improves the taste of the final outcome.


7. Oregano


Already popular throughout the pizza-eating population of the world, oregano has many other uses too, like being added to pasta dishes, especially when cooked with tomatoes, cheese, and mushrooms. Oregano is also an ideal addition to ham, salads, and baked potatoes.


8. Paprika


Paprika, in the league of chili powder, adds a zing to meat dishes, goulash, soups, sauces, salads, and rice. This spice lends a red or orange color to the dishes.


The Canadian spices are not much different from the spices used in other parts of the world. However, what makes them unique is the way in which these are used.


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Top 8 Spices Of Canada