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Culinary Uses of Ginger

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Culinary uses of gingerUses of ginger for culinary purposes would be a never-ending list since this spice is used extensively all over the world. Ginger imparts a sweet spiciness to its recipes and, although, it is mostly associated with South Asian cooking, it is used in other cuisines too. Let us learn some of the culinary uses of ginger…










How to use Ginger in Your Kitchen?

Ginger is used mostly to flavor sweet dishes, desserts and even some savory dishes. It is used in various ways, chopped, minced, crushed, sliced, grated etc. Ground ginger and fresh ginger taste very different and hence to get a recipe right, you need to use ginger in its right form. Ginger can be pickled with sherry or vinegar. Slices of ginger can be used as garnish as seen in Japanese cuisine. Ginger tea is very popular for its invigorating effect as well as potent health benefits. Ginger is a strong tasting spice and imparts a slight heat to all the dishes. Ginger tea can be brewed by steeping grated ginger in water or alternately, grated ginger root can be added to hot black tea for almost similar effects. Ginger root is used to flavor ginger ale and ginger beer. Ginger is used for flavoring cookies, cakes, biscuits, breads etc.


Tips and Suggestions for Uses of Ginger

  • Ginger slices are preserved in sweet rice vinegar in Japan.
  • Ginger pieces can be candied.
  • Minced ginger in used in the traditional Kimchi recipe of Korea.
  • Ginger is the main ingredient in spicy curry paste.
  • Dried ginger can be stored in airtight containers and used for making tea.


Culinary uses of ginger include many more than those mentioned above. Enjoy this pungent tasting spice in your recipes.





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Culinary Uses Of Ginger