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Culinary Uses of Oregano

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oreganoCulinary uses of oregano can be attributed to its fragrant and flavorful leaves. The leaves of oregano are used in cooking in both the fresh and the dried form. The leaves impart a warm; yet slight bitter taste to dishes it is added to. Oregano is a strong tasting spice and should be used with caution lest you lose the original taste of your recipe. Let us learn more it




How to Use Oregano in Your Kitchen?

What better way to use oregano rather than on your pizza? Oregano is popularly known as the pizza herb and is the staple herb of Italian-American cuisine. Oregano is used extensively in Italian cuisine. The herb can be used in with grilled, roasted, or fried, vegetables, meat, or fish. Oregano can be combined with other spices to make fine spice blends. Use of oregano is not restricted to only Italy, but it is a common ingredient in Palestinian, Greek, Spanish, Latin America, Syrian and Turkish cuisine too. While the Turks use it for flavoring meat like mutton or lamb, the Greeks use in Greek salad for enhanced flavor. Oregano is added to the olive oil-lemon sauce that accompanies meat or fish casseroles and barbecues. Oregano is served on the table along with salt, paprika, and pepper in kebab and barbecue restaurants in Greece. Oregano is used for eliminating odor that emanates while cow meat or carabao is being boiled in southern Philippines.


Tips and Suggestions on Culinary Uses of Oregano

  • Choose the right variety of oregano for cooking. Italian oregano is mostly used in pizzas while the Greek variety better suits seafood and other dishes.
  • Use oregano as mentioned in the recipe, minced, whole leaves etc.
  • Never over cook it.
  • Oregano greens can be eaten with cold dishes.


Uses of oregano in the culinary field are extensive and you can try out the various recipes at for an oreganoic experience!


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Culinary Uses Of Oregano