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Culinary Uses of Lavender

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Culinary uses of lavenderWhen one thinks about uses of lavender, the first things that come into the mind are perfumes, scents, bath, and body products. Many of us do not know that lavender has been used for cooking since ancient times. Lavender is a flowering plant, native to Southern Europe, Canary Islands, Asia, and India. Use of lavender in cooking is increasingly becoming popular and this blog aims to make your journey with lavender from garden to kitchen and thereafter very interesting and informative…







How to Use Lavender in Your Kitchen?

Lavender imparts a breezy, floral, sweet flavor to the dishes it is added to. It often accompanies goat’s milk cheese and sheep’s milk cheese. Flowers or the dried buds are the most commonly used part of lavender for cooking. Lavender leaves are also used but they are safer in the hands of an experienced chef. Lavender syrup is very popular and is used for flavoring marshmallows, scones, cakes etc. The flowers can be added to green or black tea for a relaxing lavender scented and flavored lavender tea. Candied flowers of lavender are used as cake decorations. Lavender flowers are used for flavoring baked goods, desserts etc. Lavender flavor blends well with chocolate. It is also used in making lavender sugar.


Tips and Suggestions on Uses of Lavender

There are basic ways to use lavender to derive maximum flavor and taste out of it.

  • Get scented lavender sugar by storing crushed lavender flowers with sugar in an airtight container. When using the sugar, separate flowers with a sieve. Add the sugar to cookies, cakes, jams, whipped creams etc for a lovely lavender fragrance and taste.
  • Infuse lavender in water. Use this in drinks, lemonades, and teas.
  • Sprinkle lavender in vinaigrette dressing or on your salad.
  • Rub dried lavender on roasted meats for a smoky flavor.


Culinary uses of lavender can be enjoyed thoroughly by growing this lovely plant in a pot in your kitchen garden; you have the added benefit of lavender bestowing its scent far and wide in your garden and around.


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foodmaniac's picture
lavender for cooking....completely new use of lavender..great blog..thanks
foodmaniac's picture
lavender for cooking....completely new use of lavender..great blog..thanks
emilyvyomahallaway's picture
i already love its fragrance, i guess the taste would be equally impressive
Anonymous's picture
I love the aroma of lavender, but never knew that it could be used in cooking as well! Really informative blog. Thanks.
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I have been using lavender talc all my life, but until now, I didnt know that lavender had so many culinary uses as well. Thanks for the information.
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I agree blogger... Lavender syrup makes marshmallows taste yummier than ever.
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Lavender is as good as vanilla! Love lavender flavored cream. The aroma of lavender is so gorgeous!
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Love the color, the fragrance and I'm sure to like the taste too.
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me likes lavender in icecream! has anyone tried lavender ice cream?
Culinary Uses Of Lavender