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Galangal Substitutes: Best Galangal Substitutes

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Fresh Galangal


Galangal is a very popular spice used in Thai, Indonesian and other Asian cuisines. So, if you are planning to cook some authentic recipes but are fresh out of this aromatic root, simply try these handy galangal substitutes and you won’t miss the real thing. Read on…










Top 5 Galangal Substitutes

1. Ginger: Since both galangal and ginger belong to the same family, ginger is the best available galangal substitute. However, ginger has a much stronger flavor than galangal hence should be used judiciously. Both ginger and galangal have a similar characteristic flavor. Hence, the two can be substituted for one another in emergencies.


2. Mace: It can be used as an effective galangal substitute in various recipes. Due to its versatile flavor, It can be used for curries, cream sauces, soups etc. The taste of mace will be different from galangal, however it won’t let you miss galangal.


3. Pepper: Black or white pepper can be used for its spicy taste. Since both the peppers have a different taste, you can choose as per your judgment and the dish you are making. Adding pepper will not completely substitute the flavor of galangal, but will surely help to counter the blandness in the dish.


4. Cinnamon: Another spice that can be used as a galangal substitute is cinnamon. Add some to the dish for that twist in the taste whenever you are out of the real thing.

5 Powdered Ginger: Though, this is not considered as the best galangal substitute, it can be used during crisis. However, you will have to be cautious with the quantity that you are using since ginger powder is much stronger and spicy than galangal.

Apart from using these handy galangal substitutes, you can also try combining two or more substitute for a galangal like flavor. This completely depends upon your experience and experimenting. One very effective combination is using mace and cinnamon, which can give you near perfect results.


Happy cooking.


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Galangal Substitutes: Best Galangal Substitutes